Japanese sake is Japan’s national liquor.

Japanese sake is brewed from rice grains.

There are many kinds of Japanese sakes such as “Junmai-shu”,

Honjozou-shu”, and “Ginjou-shu.”

They have different brewing processes and different levels of rice polish.

Jizake” means Japanese sake brewed using locally grown rice grains and water from local sources.

There are many kinds of “Jizake” throughout Japan.

Their uniqueness varies from region to region.

A bottle of premium “Jizake” can cost tens of thousands of yen.

Meishu” means Japanese sake which is specially brewed in small quantities. It has high rarity value.

Please enjoy “Jizake”in Fujinomiya City which brewed using locally grown rice grains and spring water from Mt.Fuji.

“Hiya” means Japanese sake served at normal temperature.

During the hot summer, drinking “Hiya” served in a cooled glass can be refreshing.

Atsukan” means Japanese sake warmed to around 122 F.

Once Japanese sake becomes “Atsukan”, its aroma grows stronger.

About This Festival

This festival is held in four places.(on 2020/02/02 Sun 9:30-15:00)
There are two sake breweries, a milk farm and a flea market.
Transportation is walking or bus.
You can sample delicious sake and eat local gourmet and sweets.